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What an excellent opportunity to see a great range of short films presented by a very enthusiastic curator! Thank you for having me in your festival, alongside other talented filmmakers. And the venue, Cheers, is a tremendous host with wonderful food!

Jack Quint, Filmmaker


I love Short Film Tuesday’s. Where else can you eat, drink, watch films and network all in the awesome neighborhood of Williamsburg?! I have attended this festival several times and its always a blast. Hakki Subentekin, the festival's Founding Director has carved a lovely nook for artists to share their work. I love the intimacy this festival offers. You can literally connect and communicate with all the filmmakers on so many levels. The world isn’t one dimensional, neither are these films. Hakki offers an array of films with various perspectives. The food and service is great. Check out Short Film Tuesdays. You wont be disappointed. 

Mitch Roberson, Filmmaker


The Festival is well organized and had a nice variety of films. Everyone was friendly and inclusive. The organizers created a real community feel. Thanks for making The Haus Beautiful a part of your fun night!

Kelly Jackson


Always happy to see our work appreciated. Thanks for including us! 

Karolina Sivas, Filmmaker


I screened a short animated comedy and it was well received and the Festival was fun. Other filmmakers were very interesting. Very good experience.

Nancy Marshall, Filmmaker

This was my first screening and I had a blast. I am a relatively new short documentary filmmaker and I enjoyed the event tremendously. The organizers are very warm and open. The venue was nice too, it set such a warm and inviting mood. I learned a lot from the other filmmakers and the actors there, and I felt important when I was asked questions about my own film. This film screening continues to show how inviting this industry is, and I'm very glad to be a part of it. Thank you so much. I plan to visit in the near future as an observer. 

Jessica Robles, Filmmaker


Had a great time at the festival and saw some lovely work. Thanks to the organizers!

C.A. MacFinn, Filmmaker


We had such a wonderful time screening the film at NY Short Film Tuesdays. We always received quick responses from the festival staff. It was such a wonderful event.

Chad Sogas, Filmmaker


The event was organized well for small groups of aspiring filmmakers in the New York area. The organizer asked good questions and it was good for the morale of my project.

Alex Ho, Filmmaker


The festival directors were so hospitable and the atmosphere was fun! They had a table set up for me and all my friends. Loved it.

Kenzie Sutton, Filmmaker


This was a great experience. It was the first time my film was screened, and it was a joy to be surrounded by other filmmakers and film lovers in such a friendly environment. The host was very nice and the choice of films was very good.  Great experience overall, I would highly recommend. 

Rick Beck, Filmmaker


It was a very intimate festival experience from very passionate film lovers. Great networking and gracious host. Food at the restaurant was excellent and drinks were very tasty. Had a wonderful time.

Emmitt Thrower, Filmmaker


A solid evening of independent film, a superbly hospitable host, and a charming and quirky venue in Brooklyn. For an NYC screening, this ticks all the major boxes and should be worth any local indie's time and effort. The Q&A sessions are a nice touch, and they help open the room to networking by breaking the ice for each filmmaker.

James O'Brien, Filmmaker


This festival was the first time my short film was screened and it was such a great experience. The small, friendly atmosphere helps keep the nerves and anxiety of your film being screened in control, plus the ability to network with other aspiring filmmakers is a great opportunity. I would love to have my future films screened here as well.

A.M. Massey, Filmmaker 

NY Short Film Tuesdays was about as close to a perfect first film screening as I could've hoped for. The venue was nice, the films were interesting, the host was fantastic and everyone there was really nice. Overall it was a great event for people who want to relax, watch some independent films and get some feedback on theirs.

Alex Orfan, Filmmaker


This is an incredible festival with a variety of independent short films. Hakki was great and communicated clearly about the festival run. The venue was lovely and the food was great! I am honored to have been a part of this festival. 

Gabrielle Hawkins, Filmmaker


I'm so glad to be in this wonderful festival! thanks for this opportunity .Nice communication! :)
Francesco Siro, Filmmaker


Thank You Hakki and New York Short Film Tuesdays for your hospitality and the opportunity to screen my doc short, "Apollo 8: A Christmas Moon." New York Short Film Tuesdays is a great little film festival with an amazing group of talented actors and filmmakers. The festival features a good mix of excellent short films inside a fun Thai restaurant that has delicious food w/big portions. Hakki, the festival director was super friendly and helpful from start to finish. Thank you Hakki for your help. I really enjoyed the evening and the festival is one of the better ones for indie filmmakers in the NYC area. Hakki, keep up the great work and see you for my next film!

Kevin Stirling, Filmmaker


Thank you for hosting short movie event, and giving us opportunity to show my movie and let me view others movie to learn and see mistakes and good ideas.

Sharip Toshe, Filmmaker


Very nice experience, a group of serious and talented filmmakers.

Eva Ingolf, Filmmaker

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